Reason for the Viking Microwaves Suddenly Stops Working

June 11, 2022

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The Viking appliance manufacturer produces some of the best appliances for the kitchen. Viking units are known to possess hi-tech and durable features. Homeowners can rely on these appliances to help them carry on with their tasks in the kitchen, including cooking and baking.

But like any other appliances you have at home, a high-end appliance may also show some problems that can affect how it works. There are different reasons why this happens. It can be due to faulty appliance parts (that need immediate microwave appliance repair) or poor maintenance. It is important to find the main cause of the issue and apply the right solution.

A Professional Viking Repair in Lawrence is one of the area’s trusted and reliable repair service companies. One can always count on the Professional Viking Repair in Lawrence. We are a team of professionally trained and licensed repair technicians with years of experience handling different Viking appliance issues. No matter how minor or major the issue could be, a thorough and complete assessment will be made to help determine the main cause and to be able to apply the right solution to it.

Throughout the lifespan of your Viking microwave, there are different possible issues that you might face, and one of these is when it suddenly stops working. If your microwave doesn’t start, you might likely deal with the power source or an issue with its control panel.

Problem With The Door Switch

One of the possible reasons for the microwave to stop working is if there is no power with the door switch. A faulty door switch, also often called an interlock switch, is a part that signals the other parts of the appliance to turn on when the door gets clogged and to stop whenever it is opened.

Problem With The Ceramic Fuse

Another possible cause why a microwave stopped working is its lack of power on its ceramic fuse. The ceramic fuse may be defective if the microwave is not starting and its display is blank.

Thermal Fuse Defects

If there is a problem with the thermal fuse, this could also cause no power in the microwave. The thermal fuse protects the appliances from overheating, and if you can locate it, you will need to remove the cabinet after unplugging the microwave and disconnect the wires from its terminal and check for continuity.

Problem with the Door Latch Assembly

Another potential reason for the microwave to stop working is an issue with the door latch assembly. This is made using plastic hooks sticking out of the door and signaling the other parts to power the appliance. If this is not working or is damaged, the switch won’t latch properly and causes the microwave not to turn on.

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Learning the potential reason for the microwave to stop working will help understand that it is still possible for it to be repaired. To help you get it fixed, you can always call Professional Viking Repair to assist you.