Is Viking Fridge Making Noise? Here Are The Reasons

April 12, 2021

Is Viking Fridge Making Noise Here Are The Reasons | Professional Viking Repair

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Modern refrigerators are less noisy than the old units that are noticing any sound can seem alarming. From vibrating to bubbling noise, we’ll diagnose the source and meaning of a Viking fridge noise.

Vibrating Noise

A regular vibrating noise could mean a loose part, damaged fan motor, or be an indicator that the fridge is uneven. Vibrating noise can also happen if the fridge is too close to furniture or a wall.

Examine your fridge to check that shelves and drawers are protected and at least a few inches from any surface. When the fridge isn’t level, check the user’s manual to identify how to move its legs properly.

Clicking Noise

New refrigerators run with electronic controls for several operations, and most of them can generate a clicking sound if turned on and off. A Viking fridge clicking sound can happen when the fridge controls turn the compressor on and off or if the defrost cycle is activated or ended. Clicking ends typically after a few minutes.

When you hear a non-stop clicking sound, it’s most likely that the water inlet or valve or line loosens. You may need a compression supply and cooling kit. Inspect the connection to see to it that it’s protected.

Knocking Noise

As startling as a loud knocking sound from the fridge can be, it often occurs as ice cubes drop into its bucket. It is part of the regular refrigerator operation and can take place when the ice maker produces ice.

Beeping Noise

Why does your Viking fridge keep beeping? This noise is an alarm that will produce once there is a change in operation. Below are some of the common causes of your Viking fridge alarm beeps:

  • The fridge door is open
  • The fridge or freezer temperature is too low or high
  • The sensor malfunctions

Closing the door or resetting the internal temperatures can solve these problems. But, a defective sensor needs professional repair.

Running Non-stop

A fridge that runs non-stop is working hard enough to keep up to its normal function. It may be a sign of a more severe issue that can cause damage and need professional service.

Also, a high-pitched noise may mean a problem with the evaporator fan. A broken fan also requires service to make sure that the freezer cools appropriately.

Bubbling Noise

A Viking fridge making noise such as bubbling can occur as the water runs through the ice maker to produce ice. You may also notice a gurgling noise as the liquid refrigerant flows to the heat exchanger and evaporator fan.

But when you see puddles around the fridge, it could indicate an issue with the defrost system. Too much condensation could indicate that the fridge door’s gasket is cracked or damaged, letting the cold air out. We recommend a professional service to diagnose the defrost system or change a torn gasket.

As the fridge repair experts, the team at Professional Viking Repair can help evaluate a Viking fridge making noise. We offer installation labor, welding material, and refrigerant replacement for $879.00. Our package for section tubings, connecting evaporator tubings, lower evaporator plate, lower evaporator assembly, and capillary feed line or kit is worth $2979.00. Contact us today for more information and service appointments.

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