Things You Do For Your Viking Refrigerator is Not Getting Cold

March 31, 2021

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Having a refrigerator in your kitchen makes it more convenient for you to store and preserve food for your family. Furthermore, built-in refrigerators are known to enhance the beauty of your kitchen by providing a more streamlined and uniform look for your kitchen. A built-in refrigerator has different features and one is that it does not have to protrude like a standard refrigerator model does. Instead, it can fit flush in the wall. Choosing to upgrade your refrigerator to a built-in refrigerator may be the right thing for you if you are looking for more space in your kitchen. 

However, like all other appliances, a refrigerator is also subject to breaking if it is not taken care of properly. One of the most common issues that it can experience is the fact that it will not cool properly. A Viking refrigerator not getting cold enough might mean a few things. Check the easy stuff first, then gradually isolate the cause of the problem.

  1. Check if the refrigerator is plugged in or not. This might sound ridiculous, but oftentimes people are quick to jump into conclusions without checking if the refrigerator unit is plugged in or not. Do not be one of those.
  2. The next thing you need to check is if your Viking refrigerator is not defrosting properly or does not give out any cold at all. This could mean that the thermostat might not be set at the right temperature. The thermostat is usually located in the back of the refrigerator.
  3. Check if the door of your refrigerator is not closing properly. If your Viking refrigerator lights’ not working, for example, they are not turning off properly, then check if your door closes properly or not. This is usually when the gaskets need to be cleaned or replaced. Gaskets are the flexible, elastic strip around the edges of the door of the refrigerator. They are designed to seal your fridge properly. Gaskets can tear and can get worn down as time goes on. If the gasket has a tear on it, it can leak warm or humid air into your refrigerator making it warmer inside, aside from that because the refrigerator does not even close, the light will not turn off properly.
  4. The cold air cannot circulate inside. This usually means that there are boxes of food blocking the vents. This can be a case of overloading your refrigerator. You might think about how to arrange the food that is inside your refrigerator. Make sure to place foods that are needed to be refrigerated first otherwise you might end up putting all your food resources for the household in your refrigerator.

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