How to Handle a Situation where the Viking Oven Knob is Broken?

June 7, 2021

How to handle a situation where the Viking oven knob is broken? | Professional Viking Repair

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With modern-day technology, appliances have been updated to their style and also to their basic functions. Most of the appliance nowadays has easy navigation to control the amount of heat to be able to cook the food. We have different kitchen appliances that we can use for cooking. Aside from the kitchen range, we often used s the oven to bake or heat frozen food. Using its knobs, you can easily set the temperature and time for how long it needs to be cooked. Oven knobs are designed to be sturdy that can’t be possibly removed or broken. However, issues can happen, and all of a sudden you will notice that your Viking oven knob is broken. Initially, you will try to find the replacement right away depending on the model type of your appliance. Changing the knob depends on the situation, do check the following.

 Replacing an oven knob can be easy but even though you can’t navigate using the knob, you can still use the appliance to cook. By using a pair of pliers, remove the knob and grab the temperature knob shaft. When using the pliers, you can navigate the heat with a firm grip and you can be able to move the direction to high or low and in this way, you can cook the food in the meantime.

 If you see that the knob shows cracks or other damages, it can be fixed by using epoxy. Apply this in the cracked area of the knob and let it dry. You can use nose pliers to help close the crack or sand it to smooth. However, if the knob is damaged, it can be replaced. 

 Replacing the broken knob can be easily done by sliding onto the shaft with ease and your Viking oven should be good as new and be able to use it right after the new knob has been installed. 

 But, if you see that the shaft of the knob is also damaged, this is not easy to just replaced the knob instead is to remove the entire temperature control assembly. This is located behind the shaft to install a new one. As an Authorized Viking Repair, Professional Viking Repair can check and diagnose the problem properly. If any other damages can affect the performance of the oven, we can do Range regulator +  assembly rev.m #PA97299707 – $1,171.14. Bake + igniters – $189. Gas plumbing tubing assembly – $382.10. Installation Fee – $179. Tax – 10.5% – $281.65.

 When you notice a problem with your Viking range that requires a professional technician to check, we can also do Viking gas range repair. Our professional technicians are fully trained to handle any issues with the kitchen appliance. We know how important to have a working appliance, no need to wait for a long time to get it to fix, we do same-day repair service. Also, we do Viking fridge repair for any of your Viking fridge needs and problems.

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