5 Common Viking Microwave Problems and How to Fix Them

March 17, 2022

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Microwaves are a huge help in the kitchen. They make heating up food faster and more convenient than turning on your stove. Today, microwaves are a staple appliance that you can find in homes, businesses, and offices globally. But, when did the first microwave come out?

The microwave history started just after WWII when the military did not need magnetron tubes to produce microwaves for military radar. Since the war had ended, companies like Raytheon looked for other ways to sell their products. The idea of using magnetron tubes to heat food was not uncommon in that era, for companies are already making prototypes of what we have today.

Nowadays, microwaves are a common household item, but they seem to last a short period. People replace malfunctioning microwaves with new ones instead of availing themselves of a reliable microwave repair service. But, you won’t have to do that, for we listed below 5 common microwave problems and how you can fix them yourself.

1. The turntable doesn’t turn properly

The turntable’s purpose in a  microwave is to get the food evenly heated. Though you can still use the microwave when the turntable is not working, it would not properly cook the food inside. 

You can easily remove the turntable by lifting the glass plate off. Once removed, check for the gear-shaped attachment that balances the turntable. Try rotating the gear to see if it can move; if so, then great. If you feel resistance, then your microwave’s motor is the problem. You can now get expert repair services to fix your microwave right away.

2. The door latch doesn’t lock properly

The door latch is an essential part of your microwave because it is never safe to use the microwave with its door open. If your latch doesn’t lock, you’ll have trouble opening and closing the door, and you won’t be able to get food in or out of your microwave. When this occurs, it’s best to get a reliable and professional Viking appliance repair technician in Woodland to help fix your door latch. This way, you are ensured that you can safely operate your microwave once repaired.

3. You have faulty controls

It’s safe to say that using a microwave with faulty controls won’t help you out. If you can’t control the heat, your food won’t heat up, or it will burn. Fixing the controls is a professional’s job, so call a repairman immediately. Whether your controls are buttons, knobs, or touchscreens, be sure to always ask for expert advice before diving into the repair. This way, you won’t need to replace your microwave.

4. The microwave won’t turn on

If your microwave doesn’t turn on when it’s plugged in, you might have an issue with the power source. Always check if the outlet you are using is working and connected to your main power source. If they are properly working and your microwave still won’t turn on, then this is the time to replace your microwave.

Never attempt to tackle microwave problems that involve its power source or mechanism, for it could be dangerous for someone with no experience. Instead, get professional help to know the next steps to take.

5. Food is not heating at all

Microwaves that don’t emit heat most like have a detective magnetron. The magnetron is the component in your microwave that turns electric current into microwave radiation, which heats your food quickly.

If you are not familiar with microwaves, do not attempt to disassemble yours. The components of your microwave have an electric current even when it’s not plugged in, so it can be dangerous to repair it yourself. Make sure to get help from professionals at all times.

Finding the Best Certified Viking Oven Repair Technicians

Faulty microwaves are not only stressful but also dangerous, so don’t attempt repairing them by yourselves, especially when the motor, component, and wiring is involved. Don’t worry; you can easily get a Professional Viking appliance repair technician in Woodland that you can rely on at any time.

Trusting a company to repair your Viking oven can be hard, for the money you spent in acquiring the unit is not a small amount. Therefore, make sure to avail services from reliable companies with plenty of positive feedback to ensure your unit’s functionality.

Remember to always keep your Viking ovens clean and well-kept to avoid malfunctions that will lead to you needing a repair, or worse, a replacement. Never think twice about getting professional repair and maintenance services from Professional Viking Repair, for we will also help you maintain your oven’s performance so you can enjoy using it for years to come.

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