What to do when the Viking freezer ice maker not working?

May 12, 2021

What to do when the Viking freezer ice maker not working? | Professional Viking Repair

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It is such a luxury when you have easy and accessible ice ready in your fridge. Especially during summer, it is a refreshing feeling when you enjoy and drink ice cold drinks. Like any other appliance, the Viking freezer can also have some problems. Whenever there is a problem with an appliance, we want to have it fixed right away. Professional Viking Repair has some tips for you on how to handle this kind of situation.

Viking freezer ice maker not working, some of the common problems can occur such as the temperature problem. If the ice maker is too warm, ice will not be produced and would cause water to fill. In this situation, the thermostat should be checked properly. If there is a problem, this will be the main cause why the ice maker is not making ice and staying warm.

Electronic sensors inside the machine are also another cause. If you notice the ice produced is not the usual, this is an indication that the sensors need to be changed. You can also consider seeking help with Viking ice maker repair.

The ice maker is not producing any ice at all, make sure that the ice maker is turned on. Check if the waterline is placed properly and nothing has been blocked. If this happens, unclog the water line right away, the fastest and easy way to do this is to unplug and defrost the fridge and freezer for a few hours. Another way is to use a form of heat like pouring warm water to unclog the waterline. For any concerns, you seek help with Viking refrigerator repair.

The ice dispenser is clogged, when you try to press the lever and no ice is coming out, this means that the dispenser is jammed due to the ice clog. Possibly that the ice was not dispensed properly which causes the dispenser to be clogged. You can let the ice melt but make sure to have a catch under the dispenser so that the melted ice can drip down in the container. 

The freezer door can also cause the freezer not to work. Viking fridge door piece needs to be replaced yearly. If left unfixed, the fridge door has a problem or is frequently opened for a long time, the warm air that comes in the freezer will allow to increase the air temperature inside and causes a slow ice-making process. 

Ice maker assembly breaks down, if the ice maker itself is not functioning well, it needs to be move and replaced. This process would require a professional technician. Professional Viking Repair can do this and what will happen is Replace compressor assembly, compressor controller, evaporator assembly, defrost system, heat exchanger, loop heater capillary tubes, assembly valves, pump, lid door, relay board assembly.

Another problem that can cause the fridge not to work is the condenser coils. Dirty coils can result in the ice maker being broken. If the condenser is not cooling the fridge properly, it tends to work overtime to sustain the cooling of the unit. Cleaning condenser coils is most important to be done, you can wipe it down using a sponge and soap water. Also, it requires proper tools to do the cleaning. You may contact Professional Viking Repair to do the process.

Like a normal fridge, a wine cooler also has the same components that problems can occur. Not to worry if this happens, let Viking wine cooler repair help you.

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