What Causes Viking Oven Not To Heat Properly

May 23, 2022

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Viking is one of the top brands of kitchen appliances. Even though it is a high-end appliance, it is easy to use and convenient for cooking. But, there are times you might encounter Common Viking Oven Problems.

Some of the problems with the Viking oven are due to its defective parts. To ensure proper repair handling, you will need a reliable Viking Oven Repair by a trusted and experienced Viking Appliance Repair Professional in West Covina. With the help of skilled and trained repair technicians, they will diagnose the problem thoroughly to help determine the main cause and apply the best and long-lasting solution to it. Most of the repairs to the Viking oven can be done by doing proper maintenance. This is to ensure that all of its parts are free from any debris, that it is in good condition, and prevent any possible issues. Proper and regular maintenance can help prolong the appliance’s life service.

When your Viking oven experiences a heating problem, you might want to determine what causes the issue. Whenever you use the oven, it is always important to properly preheat so that the temperature is reached before you will begin the cooking. Determine why your Viking oven is not heating up properly. Some of the reasons include:

The oven is Not Getting Enough Power

Before you do any further checking, begin by checking the electrical power of the appliance. Even if you are using a gas oven, it still needs electricity to power the control panel and its other functions. The power issue can cause the Viking oven not to heat up, such as the oven is not plugged in correctly, incorrect outlet voltage, or tripped circuit breaker.

Insufficient Preheating

A lack of preheating time is mostly identified as a Viking oven temperature problem when it is not heating properly. Whether you are using a single or double oven, it must be preheated to its set temperature before you will begin cooking. The oven will beep when sufficiently preheated and the set temperature has already been reached. It is also important that the oven door is properly closed during preheating and after placing the items inside the oven and taking them out.

Defective Viking Oven Heating Element

For electric ovens, the heating elements are the metal coils that provide heat via electric current. A Viking oven heating element is located at the top and bottom of the oven. With the top element, it is reserved primarily for broiling. Both the elements should provide consistent heat and display an uninterrupted red glow when functioning properly. A defective heating element may exhibit damages like blistering, specifically after exposure to the high temperature of the self-clean cycle.

Failure of Viking Oven Igniter

For the gas ovens, the igniter has two vital functions essential to generating heat. First, it must gather enough electrical current to open the valve to allow the gas to flow. The second function is to provide an electrical spark to light the gas. If it is not possible, one or both functions will not work, and the oven will not heat up.

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