What Can Go Wrong With A Wine Cooler

May 19, 2022

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A wine cooler is considered a great investment to ensure that all of your wine collections are properly stored in a cool and humid place. Viking is one of the known and trusted wine cooler brands that makes top-of-the-line wine coolers with different features, durable and high-quality.

However, even a high-end wine cooler can still experience some issues. There are Types of Wine Cooler Pros and Cons that will give you an idea of what better type of wine cooler will suit your needs. Some of the issues that you might encounter with the unit are its defective parts, which require to be checked and fixed properly by a professional. Viking Appliance Repair Professional in Palmdale provides the best services, such as the Viking Wine Cooler Repair.

Regardless if you are using a thermoelectric or compressor wine cooler. There are different related problems that you might encounter with your wine cooler, such as the following:

Problems With Storage

To ensure the labels on your bottles won’t get damaged and still allow you to identify the wine properly, it is good to always store them with the label facing upwards, particularly in a horizontal position. This will also keep the cork wet, which is important since dry cork shrinks and allows the air to get inside the bottle. Air can affect the aging process of the wine.

Problem With Temperature

You must keep wine between 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are still unsure what temperature you have in your wine cooler, use a digital thermostat to help detect this. If it is too warm, check the control to see if it has been set properly. You can also stabilize the cooler by turning the control for the temperature to a lower level for several hours. Make sure that the door gasket and the door itself are working and the unit is connected to the mains.

Problem With Humidity

Maintaining moderate humidity is crucial in storing the wines properly. The humidity in the wine cooler should fall between 50 and 80%. If it is too low, the cork will dry out, which will allow the air to get inside the bottle. Air can permanently cause damage to the wine and if you find that the corks of your wine are drying out, add a small pan of water to your wine cooler. This will help the water to evaporate and will increase the humidity level.

Problem With Lighting

To keep the wine longer and not damaged, you need to store this in a dark place. Ultraviolet light can adversely affect both the colored and the clear glass. The ray can alter the compounds that make the quality of the wine. Fluorescent lights are particularly bad as they emit large ultraviolet rays. If you have a wine cooler with that sheet of cleat glass at the front, you should move the cooler somewhere out of the fluorescent lights or replace the glass with a dark material to cover it.

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Within the lifespan of a wine cooler, you might encounter any possible issues which can affect the wine quality. To help fix the problem, call Professional Viking Repair to assist you.