Professional Viking Repair Provides some Competent Fixes for Your Viking Refrigerator Freezer not Freezing Issue!

April 26, 2021

Professional Viking Repair Provides some Competent Fixes for Your Viking Refrigerator Freezer not Freezing Issue | Professional Viking Repair

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We own appliances for a very specific reason: the comfort and luxury they provide us with. If we were to look at them in terms of survivability, we can sustain ourselves without them. They aren’t necessities like food, water, and shelter that would immediately put our lives in danger if we didn’t have access to any of these basic needs.

One of the appliances that are always present in any household is the freezer. Freezers are large fridge-like containers where temperatures are always kept at an icy, below freezing (32 °F), so everything inside the frigid space is preserved for a longer amount of time.

When it comes to providing kitchens with high-quality freezers, Viking is a brand that often gets mentioned. They offer a myriad of kitchenware appliances that have top-notch performances, from ranges and refrigerators, all the way to dishwashers and ventilation.

Unfortunately, Viking appliances aren’t invulnerable to damages and malfunctions. So what do you do if you need a Viking range repair, or in this case, a Viking refrigerator fix?

You contact Professional Viking Repair to do the job for you!

The Culprit that is Giving Your Freezer some Freezing Issues

A Viking refrigerator not freezing is like an oven that won’t produce any heat. And just like a dysfunctional oven that fails to do its job, a freezer that’s not freezing wouldn’t be capable of preserving the food, ingredients, beverages, etc., stored in them.

If left unattended, the issue could possibly worsen and might lead to other problems like a Viking refrigerator freezer light not working, the freezer is getting a bit warm, the freezer drain gets clogged, etc.

With that in mind, it’s only natural to ask what could possibly be causing such a problem? And is it possible to learn some quick fixes, like learning “How do I change the lightbulb in my Viking refrigerator?”

More often than not, a freezer that isn’t freezing properly is due to dirty condenser coils, the evaporator fan motor isn’t functioning, and the start relay isn’t working as well. And if you want to get an issue like this fixed, you don’t need to learn some “DIY repairs” or “Quick and Easy Steps,” because Professional Viking Repair can do the restoration job for you!

How Professional Viking Repair Handles the Issue

Professional Viking Repair is home to highly-trained technicians. They’re capable of diagnosing the problem and providing the best repairs for your Viking freezer. Take this case for example, where the technician took note of all the restoration work the client’s needs:

“Customer will need a compression supply and cooling kit #URPB7429900**, along with these parts and installations, for their Viking refrigerator repair job:

  • Section tubings + Connecting evaporator tubings + lower evaporator plate + lower evaporator assembly + capillary feed line or kit – $2979.00.
  • Top evap and feed line kit #URPB0201139-00 – $942.10 and bracing materials as well.
  • Installation labor + welding material + refrigerant – $879.00.
  • Some +tax – $480 (10%off labor, return CM) deductions.

Now, we know that these numbers and figures may look intimidating, but this is just a sample of how detailed our repair service is. Here at Professional Viking Repair, we make it a point to give our customers only the best results and the longest-lasting fixes, whether it’s for your fridge or Viking under-counter ice maker.

Contact us now to experience our expert restoration jobs! We look forward to fixing your Viking freezer, giving you the chance to preserve your drink, food, and ingredients again!

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