What Would I Do If My Viking Range Only One Burner Is Working

April 27, 2021

What would I do if my Viking Range only one burner is working | Professional Viking Repair

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Appliances have been a great help for each household or commercial place. One of which we often use for cooking is a kitchen range. A Viking range for example is a heavy-duty type and can allow you to cook simultaneously. It will also help in saving time when cooking. But during the busy time cooking for a feast all of a sudden your Viking stove only one burner is working, the oven will not turn off or disconnect the bell and the other oven won’t turn ON.

You may get stressed out that it seems everything is not going well according to your plan. But not to worry, you can check the following before calling a Viking Stove Repair.

Burner won’t light

 If the burner won’t light, there is a tendency that there is something wrong with the cooktop. When you try to light the burner, normally there should be a clicking sound and you can smell the gas. If there is no clicking sound but the smell of gas is present the problem is most likely due to the ignition switch but if you don’t smell the gas and hear the clicking sound, the problem may be due to the gas flow. Try to turn off and unplug the appliance and proceed to remove the grate and the burner cap. Remove any debris that you may see and reconnect wires if you see it lose. If these steps didn’t work, we would advise having it checked by Viking Cooktop Repair.

 Check the igniter

If you notice that the oven burner is not working though it was thoroughly cleaned, check on the igniter connection to see if it is secured. To do this, unplug first the oven, do lift the burner head out of the oven and you should be seeing wirings coming out. Test the connection to see if the wirings are properly attached to the igniter because if it loosens this will prevent the igniter to spark and the fire from lighting. If the problem persists, do let a professional Viking Oven Repair see the problem.

 Replace the igniter

After the connections have been secured and plugged the oven and still not working after it is tested, this indicates that the igniter requires a replacement. To test, it should show a cool blue-white. You can always call Professional Viking Repair to assist you with the process.

 Replace the wiring harness of the igniter

 If only one of the burner won’t work, it is an indication that it doesn’t get the spark when you turn the control knob to ignite. It will also indicate replacing the wiring harness of the igniter. You can always ask for assistance with us to have this fix using the right tools for the repair. 

 If your oven is still not working and you have tried to Replaced: R oven temperature control, L, R oven heating device, Top: *reignition control board connectors. Let our Professional Viking Repair technicians check on this and have it repaired.

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