Viking Fridge Ice maker Not Working Due To Frost Build Up

April 13, 2021

Viking Fridge Ice maker Not Working Due To Frost Build Up | Professional Viking Repair

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It is common to have a thin layer of ice on the back wall of a fridge. When the wall is densely coated with frost, check when one of the following deals with the Viking ice machine was not making ice.

Damaged Lid Gasket

When you have a frost buildup inside the ice maker, you may have a damaged lid or door gasket. It must be able to keep a tight cover to the cabinet to prevent room air from getting in the cabinet. If warm moisture-laden air hits a surface at low temperatures, ice can form and start to build up, decreasing the ice maker’s efficiency. A damaged gasket will also produce more ice on the evaporator on frost-free units and prevent the airflow, resulting in the compressor working non-stop. Check the gasket to ensure that it is secured, and look for spots where there is an ice buildup where the gasket connects with the cabinet. When it is damaged, you should change it. To extend the gasket’s life, clear it from dirt and remove any spills as they are seen.

Broken Timer

When a freezer is a frost-free unit, and you see a buildup of frost on the evaporator, you issue the timer. This unit utilizes a heater to thaw any frost that builds up the coil. The defrost timer is one component of this circuit and must cycle the heater at consistent intervals to keep a frost-free evaporator. When the timer breaks down, the heater may not be activated, and the accumulated ice will prevent the evaporator. It will also result in the compressor working almost continuously to struggle and keep the set temperature. You can set in advance the timer to begin defrosting, and if the evaporator defrosts regularly, you will have to change the timer.


When your freezer is a frost-free model, and you have noticed a frost buildup around the evaporator, then the defrost thermostat may be defective. These units utilize a defrost heater to thaw any frost that builds up. The defrost thermostat is a component of this circuit and is utilized to distribute power to the heater and terminate the defrost cycle when the heater has melted from the evaporator’s frost. The defrost thermostat must have continuity if it is at freezing temperatures and should alter to an open circuit once the temperature increases to 37 degrees Fahrenheit. When the thermostat fails to have continuity, then the heater will not be activated. The evaporator will be prevented by the frost and result in a spike in freezer temperature.

Are you still not sure which part is broken? You may need to replace the central computer control system or ice maker assembly. We can offer you custom troubleshooting help if your Viking fridge ice maker is not working due to frost buildup. Contact Professional Viking Repair today to book an appointment for Viking ice maker repair.

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