Top Reasons Why Your Viking Stove One Burner Is Not Working

April 21, 2021

Top Reasons Why Your Viking Stove One Burner Is Not Working | Professional Viking Repair

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Appliances like the Viking stove should provide people the much-needed ease and not unwanted inconveniences and headaches. These appliances are designed to make things easy and uncomplicated. That’s why when they start to break, the hassle and inconvenience they cause are frustrating. But what are the top reasons why your Viking stove one burner is not working or sparking? Below might be the following that causes it to happen.

Here Are The Main Reasons Why Your Viking Stove One Burner Is Acting Up Lately

When your Viking stove one burner stops working and not doing its function as it is supposed to, the following might be the reason why it happens, and these are:

  • Loose Connection- Even though your Viking stove has few moving parts, connections can come loose at any time, especially during the cleaning or installation process. With a loose connection, your Viking stove one burner can’t work because it is not making a solid connection.
  • Grease Buildup- An accumulation of grease or other debris may be one of the main reasons why your Viking stove’s one burner isn’t working, as it could obstruct the gas flow to the igniter.
  • Faulty Igniter- Bits of food stuck in the igniter will cause it to fail, not allowing your Viking stove one burner to operate effectively. The igniter can become clogged with food crumbs or any debris, which is why it continues to click even when switched off. 

So if you have encountered just any of the following, you might need to replace the double ignition system as well as the burner systems for tube assembly. Whether it’s your Viking stove not sparking, Viking stove burners that are not igniting, or Viking stove that won’t light, you should have someone professional to get them all covered.

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When it comes to your Viking appliance repair needs, particularly the followings below such as:

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