Issues with Your Viking Fridge: Asking “Why is my Viking Fridge not cooling?”

March 22, 2021

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One afternoon, you open your Viking fridge, hoping to enjoy a glass of cold juice, when you find that it is not cooling. That is an unpleasant and unfortunate situation. Here are possible reasons as to why your Viking refrigerator stopped cooling:

  1. “Why is my Viking fridge not cooling?” That question could be because of the evaporator coils in your refrigerator. There are evaporator coils and a circulating fan located in the freezer zone of the refrigerator. When frost gets accumulated on the evaporator coils, then they get insulated. It is for this reason that the circulating fan won’t be able to draw air to the frosted coils and there might be a very small amount of cooling because of the frost on the coils. The frost should be removed by manual defrosting or automatic defrost.
  2. “Why is my Viking refrigerator not making ice?” This is another question that you would ask if your refrigerator is not working properly. This is typical because there is a clog somewhere along the supply line, and a common cause for clog is frozen water in the line. However, if the clog is anything but translucent, then it is time to consult a professional Viking refrigerator repair.
  3. A faulty evaporator fan could also be a reason why your Viking fridge is not working. The fan is responsible for the cool air circulating from the freezer to other compartments inside the refrigerator. If it is faulty, then it cannot circulate cool air inside the food section of the fridge which means even if the freezer is cooling, the food section does not.
  4. Another reason why your refrigerator is not cooling could be a faulty compressor. A compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system. When it does not work properly, then the entire cooling process will not even start.
  5. Your refrigerator has a defective condenser fan. The condenser fan is responsible for forcing hot air out of the refrigerator. When this becomes faulty, hot air cannot be released outside and remains inside the refrigerator which makes the temperature in the refrigerator shoot up. You might want to consult a professional especially when it is an extensive repair like this.

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