Find Out Why Your Viking Oven Not Holding Temperature

June 4, 2021

Find Out Why Your Viking Oven Not Holding Temperature and Better Understand It | Professional Viking Repair

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When you start your oven, it goes through a preheat cycle for about ten minutes to bring your appliance up to the set temperature. Once the temperature is reached, the warming components will click off.

At the point when the temperature gets adequately low, the thermometer in your oven will detect it and prompt the control panel to turn it back on. However, a drop in temperature while the oven is in use, especially if you can’t bring the temperature back up, often means something bad is happening.

So today, we’ll be introducing a couple of reasons why your Viking oven not holding temperature.

A Broken or Busted Heating Element

At the point when a warming component is broken, you may anticipate that it should not work when you turn on your stove. Indeed, that can happen once in a while.

But, if the warming component is unavailable, it can show a couple of hiccups, like:

  • low heat or low temperature
  • undercooked meals
  • inefficient use of energy (making bills more expensive)

If a warming component sustains damage or has a loose wiring connection, it could work from the start. However, it might eventually stop working, prompting an absence of appropriate temperature all through the cooking interaction.

You can test whether the warming component is to blame by checking if they’re glowing or not. If you don’t see the components gleaming red, it implies they are not working. You will need to track down a legitimate replacement for the model of your oven and might opt to hire a Viking gas stove repair service provider

A Broken or Malfunctioning Thermostat

Suppose you have observed that your warming components are working appropriately. In that case, it is conceivable that the electronic control that handles your oven’s temperature isn’t picking up the drop in temperature as a problem.

Shockingly, there are a few different ways that the oven’s regulator can malfunction. The first is that the oven’s legitimate setting switch in the control panel has gone defective. In which case, you can check whether the wires are properly connected and test it with a multimeter. 

The second and commonly more probable reason is that the sensor probe inside the oven is defective. Assuming it is twisted or has sustained damages, it will stop identifying the proper thermal readings and may let the stove temperature fall excessively far. On the off chance that the damages are impossible to repair, you can test it with a multimeter and effectively replace it if needed, with the help of a Viking oven repair technician.

A Defective Electrical Connection

Believe it or not, a defective thermostat or warming component in your broiler is the most probable offender as to why your stove can’t maintain a steady temperature. They ought to be checked first. But, assuming both parts have been looked at, the possible answer for why it isn’t holding up to the desired temperature is because the oven itself isn’t getting the right amount of gas or electricity. Have a Viking professional cooktop repair specialist check it, just to be sure.

Here’s a short statement from one of our technicians, explaining how he fixed a very similar problem:

During the visit, the unit had issues with the power control assembly & thermostat being replaced. Also, cut-offs & maintenance. Customers are advised that further repair might take place most likely at need. Power com. Mod, cut off assembly thermostat wire board.”

Now that you know more about why your oven can’t maintain the temperature, it’s time to get it fixed.

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