Causes for the Wine Cooler Not to Work and How To Fix

April 11, 2022

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Wine coolers are considered one of the best investments, especially if you are an avid wine collector. There’s no need for you to build a wine cellar at your home to store the wines to their perfection with the wine coolers. The Viking wine coolers, for example, are one of the known and trusted wine coolers available. If you recently purchased a new one, you can check on the Wine Cooler manual to learn more about its features and proper usage.

But, if the wine cooler experiences some problems, there are times that it needs a professional repair. A repair technician of Professional Viking Repair in Los Angeles can provide you with quality and reliable Wine Cooler repair in Los Angeles that you can rely on. Whether minor or complex, you must address any issues immediately to ensure that this will not affect the wines’ quality.

One of the common issues you may face with a wine cooler is when it is not working. Many factors can cause the issue, and it is vital to identify this ahead of time to prevent further concerns. Before going further, know that wine coolers can be either a compressor or thermoelectric system. Both have different ways of maintaining the temperature needed to keep the wines at a specific temperature, and it also has their features and limitations. But, both are still prone to issues that can cause the wine cooler not to work.

Here are some possible problems that can affect the wine cooler functionality

Compressor System

Condenser Fan

If the compressor wine cooler fan stops working, other elements tend to overheat. In time, the heat can transfer to the interior of your wine cooler. Repairing the condenser fan may be simple by removing the built-up dust and debris. If it is not the problem and not spinning freely after cleaning, the fan needs to be replaced. It is possible to do this on your own, though you may need the assistance of  Professional Viking Repair.

Broken Evaporator

If the evaporator is not working, the unit won’t be able to produce the cold air even if the compressor is working at full capacity. The evaporator also uses a fan, and the build-up of dust and debris can cause the issue. Likewise, there may be ice blockage that would need to be checked further. Repair may be simple through cleaning and letting the ice melt, then plugging it back in. If the blades of the fund are bent, it needs to be replaced.

Defective Thermostat

The thermostat is responsible for supplying the power to the condenser, evaporator fan, and compressor. You must properly calibrate the thermostat to ensure that the wine is preserved in the best possible way. But, if it is defective, it can’t be repaired. Rather it needs to be entirely replaced. While it is possible to do it independently, it is best to call for an expert to ensure that it is properly done.

Thermoelectric System

Room Temperature

If the room or the area where the wine cooler is too hot, the Peltier module won’t be able to do its job well. The Peltier module helps conduct the heat out of the cabinet concerning the outside environment. It is recommended that this kind of wine cooler must be kept in a room that doesn’t exceed 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The feasible fix is either moving the wine cooler to a cooler room or ensuring that the room won’t reach a temperature more than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Improper Ventilation

Since its way to conduct the heat out the system of a thermoelectric wine cooler, it needs clearance from its surrounding objects. Make sure that it is positioned away from the walls and other objects, and never place things on top of it. If it is a countertop wine cooler, don’t put a toaster near or a microwave that generates heat.

Fan Problem

The thermoelectric wine coolers have a fan that conducts the hot air out of the cabinet, and you can easily disconnect it. As the compressor system fans, they clean off any accumulated dust and debris. If still, it doesn’t work, you may need to replace the fan.

The Viking wine cooler is one of the great investments to keep your wine collection at an optimal temperature. When it is not working, the wines stored can be at risk. Professional Viking Repair can help you fix the problem fast, effectively, and efficiently at affordable rates.

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