Are Your Viking Stove Burners not Operating Properly? Here are Possible Reasons Why

June 2, 2021

Are Your Viking Stove Burners not Operating Properly? Here are Possible Reasons Why | Professional Viking Repair

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At the point when the entirety of your Viking stove burners not operating properly, it’s a good thing to know that most of the time, it doesn’t need a significant repair. You may simply have to do a little cleaning, reconnect loose wires, or replace a burner, which can all be managed without the appeal of an expert. 

Gas Stove Burners

On the off chance that a solitary burner will not light or fire up your gas stove, it is likely for one of two primary reasons: an absence of gas flow or an inability to ignite. It’d be reasonable for you to contact a Viking gas stove repair now, but you can investigate the issue first. If the burner does light up, but the fire is feeble or yellow rather than blue, the gas tube or the burner ports might be obstructed by debris and food particles. If it does not light by any means, the cylinder or ports might be clogged, or there’s a problem with the spark’s ignition switch, or the module or electrode is malfunctioning.

Electric Stove Burners

On an electric stove, a solitary burner that will not get hot could be damaged, loose, or near its expiration. Electric coil burners plug into the highest point of the stove and can come loose because of daily use or when it’s been unknowingly knocked off. The burner can also fall flat, which will require replacement, at which point, you might also want to hire a Viking oven repair to check if there’s an issue with the oven as well. 

Frail Burner Flame 

If the burner fire on top of the oven has all the earmarks of burning weakly, the issue could be caused by obstructed burner flame openings. Bad quality flares could likewise be brought about by too little gas or too little air getting to the burner. On the off chance that you speculate the issue is something more serious, call in a technician immediately. If not, you can simply adjust the air shutter or the gas hose for air and gas issues.

Dirty and Oily Surface

Consistently wipe down and clean the cooking surface. Ordinary cleaning of the burners guarantees more productivity, which uses less gas on a lower fire because it prevents clogs and impediments from taking form.

Put Your Safety First 

When researching the reason for a failing burner, consistently play it safe. Unplug an electric stove or ensure that the valves are in the “off” position on a gas stove. 

Now that you’re mindful of these investigating steps, you can contact our specialists for more major issues, wherein they’ll furnish you with incredible arrangements like: 

“Replaced recognition spark control, 2 oven heating devices. Now work OK.” 

Professional Viking Repair offers productive repairs for your stove issue, and we have a Viking wine cooler repair service as well! Get in touch with us now, and we’ll sort your stove out in the blink of an eye!


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